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Greetings fellow railfans! My name is George Cataulin.  I started Left Coast Rail Videos in 2004 with a rather simple idea:  I wanted to share my passion for trains with other railfans.  Little did I realize where such an idea would take me over time.  I started selling Cajon and Tehachapi DVD's on ebay what seems like yesterday, and today our online catalog boasts over 100 titles, featuring a diverse range of locations from coast to coast.  Most of the profits from DVD and Blu Ray sales get reinvested back into LCRV through equipment upgrades, such as a new computer system that allowed me to begin Blu ray production in 2012, and a quad copter in 2014.  Other upgrades include new cameras and tripods.  Even though I started off as a one man show, LCRV would not be where it is today were it not for the hard work or several other great people.

In May 2006, I came in contact with Curt Cruthirds, of Santa Barbara, Ca.  Like me, Curt enjoyed getting out and recording trains, and watching his raw footage at home.  It didn't take me long to realize that Curt did an amazing job, so I asked him to join LCRV and we've been moving full steam ahead ever since.  Curt has joined me on several trips over the years, to places like Donner, Tehachapi and Cajon.   The extra man power allows us to use more cameras to bring you the action using not 1, not 2, but sometimes 3 or 4 trackside cameras.  On a few occasions, I have used Curt's footage exclusively, Such as our Twin Cities and Twin Ports DVD set, Colorado Front Range and Moffatt Sub DVD's.  In fact, ironic as it may be, my most popular DVD to date, CSX Sand Patch 2007, was shot by Curt!

I met railfan photographer Chris Bogley back in 2009 during the epic Transcon Road Trip.  Chris and Curt have been friends since 2002 and the three of us got together for the 1st time to shoot the BNSF Transcon from Cajon Pass to Kingman, AZ.  Chris could see the untapped potential in LCRV and on our first day together, Chris offered to help me out with bringing LCRV to the next level.  Over the years, he has come up with some great marketing ideas, such as the popular $5 Friday DVD.  He also created and maintains our Facebook page, and we even managed to get him behind the camera during our 2011 trip to Sand Patch and the NS Pittsburgh Division and our 2012 Crozier Canyon to Canyton Diablo program.  Thanks to being married to an officer in the US Army, Chris and his family do quite a bit of traveling and moving, allowing Chris to have photographed trains in 46 states since 2001.  His photos are used on several of our DVD and Blu Ray covers.

Ryan Slaton is a photographer from Lancaster, CA.  He also provides photos for our DVD and Blu Ray covers.  I first railfanned with Ryan in 2011 while filming a Tehachapi DVD.  I've worked with him on several Tehachapi programs as well as a few others, including the UP 4014 Heading Home Tour, Chasing the Pennsy: NS 8102 and what proved to be a very adventurous trip to Afton Canyon with "Metal" Mike Haire.
"Metal" Mike Haire is a photographer and videographer from Grass Valley, CA.  I first met Mike while filming our Conquering Donner Pass DVD with Curt in 2010.  The following year, Ryan, Mike and I got together for a few days at Tehachapi.   Mike has provided me with photos and video for several programs, but he is best known for climbing the high hill between Allard and Bealville on Tehachapi for the Five Days at Tehachapi Pass program, and for the jaw dropping footage that came as a result

Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.

Our business was founded in 2004 when we decided to "go public" with some first time digital rail DVD's. Response was immediately overwhelming. Starting from my own little computer and one digital camcorder, we now have over 40 DVD titles and continue to grow.

Tehachapi Pass, CA. August 2007

Transcon Road Trip Oct 2009- East Cadiz
From Left to Right: Chris, Curt and George

San Diego, CA. 92117

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