Out and About at Cajon Pass

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Out and About at Cajon Pass
3 Hours
Wide Screen 16:9 viewing format
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 A west bound BNSF intermodal at Sullivan's Curve seen

from a vantage point located just south of Union Pacific's

South Canyon

A south bound Union Pacific manifest at South Canyon  Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-005.JPG 
 A Union Pacific loaded coal train heads  west at Sullivan's Curve
 A west bound 2x2 intermodal at Morman Rocks just before it passes under the hwy. 138 over pass  Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-011.JPG 

An east bound intermodal on main #3 at Mormon Rocks 

West bound at Mormon Rocks
An east bound going thru the s-curve at Mormon Rocks     Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-014.JPG 
 East bound at Mormon Rocks   Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-015.JPG 
 A west bound intermodal making it's way thru Sullivan's Curve   Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-017.JPG 
 East bound between day lighted tunnels 1 and 2 Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-019.JPG
A west bound manifest east of day lighted tunnels 1 and 2 on main track #2 
East bound over the bridge at Mormon Rocks    Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-022.JPG 
 South bound on the upper track at Mormon Rocks and South Canyon
 East bound at Mormon Rocks
 A panaramic view taken from above CP Walker with Mormon Rocks in the distance   Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-027.JPG 
 A panaramic view taken from above CP Walker 
 East bound at CP Walker
Over the bridge on main track #3 at Mormon Rocks
 North bound at South Canyon   Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-034.JPG 
    An east bound empty coal train with ex-SP 6218 on the point at Sullivan's Curve
East bound on main track #2 at Sullivan's Curve
 East bound near Silverwood
 West bound near Silverwood
 A couple of east bounds at CP Walker   Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-049.JPG 
 East bound at CP Walker  Out_and_About_at_Cajon_Pass_2012/uvs130105-053.JPG 

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